How much is cover charge?

Thursday night -  It’s Canberra’s best uni night and we love to look after our studying Wolf pups! Free entry all night, unless you’re a douche, then it’s double. 

Friday night - Depending what sick acts we have for you ticket prices vary. 

Every Friday we aim to bring you the best in local, interstate and international touring acts. Check out our events page on FB for gig prices.

Saturday night - Get in early for free entry before 11pm and $10 after .

Ah Saturday’s, the hardest night of the week to remember. For those with Tequila brain, $10 after 11pm but get in for the great rush between 10-11pm and you’ll score free entry.

What music do you play?

Canberra Party Enthusiasts says it all. We are 100% about the party.

Thursdays you’ll find residents Clique, Mason, Yensid and Will Brown mixing only the best of throwback house, hip hop & trap.

Friday’s we bring you the most banging local, interstate and international touring acts, no genre is off the cards baby! Check FB for event details.

Canberra’s most sought after residents bring you the wildest of Saturday night house parties! Playing only the freshest House, Hip Hop & Trap

Can I work for Mr Wolf?

We are always looking for pups to join the Wolf team. Send your resume to

Can I DJ at Mr Wolf?

Oh grasshopper, you think you’ve got what it takes to join the Wolf DJ team? Shoot your mixes through to Leigh at

Lost Something?

If you had one too many over the weekend and lost something don’t fret! We have a lost property enquiry page on our website, fill in your deets and we will get back to you asap. Remember, we need our rest too and won’t be back in the office til midweek, so fill our inbox like a crazy ex.

Can I hire out Mr Wolf for a function?

Does a bear shit in the woods, does Shane Warne cheat on his wife?! We are available for Christenings, naming days and ya mom’s 40th, you name it. Contact

What is your dress code?

We’re pretty chill here at Wolf and we get on board with most things, but hi-vis, board shorts, singlets & thongs are a not cool out anywhere in public, so that’s a hard no from us.

What ID can I use to get in?

No, you can not use your tradies membership card! We also do not accept Costco memberships, yes, we know they have a photo. And as talented as the guys at are, they do shit work, our guys are onto them and we’ll confiscate your ID leaving you out of pocket $69. We only accept a VALID Australian Drivers License, Passport or Proof of age card.